Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Camera Adventure

Over the weekend, Ed took Alex on his first camera adventure. Thinking that seeing the world through Alex's eyes would be interesting for others, he found a digital camera that he believed Alex could use with a little bit of help. One of the prerequisites was that it needed to be inexpensive since Alex can't always be trusted to handle electronics carefully. (For example, last month we had to replace the hard drive of his laptop after he knocked it off a table.) After browsing through the Walmart aisles, Ed bought Alex a Vivitar camera for ten dollars. If Alex dropped it, hurled it, or simply had no interest in using it, we weren't out much. Of course, the resolution wasn't as clear as one would find in a more expensive camera, but the effect is reminiscent of a tapestry, as seen below in Alex's attempt to capture the image of daffodils.

Similarly, his photograph below of tulips has the same blurring reminiscent of Impressionist paintings that creates a beauty of its own.

Of course, the picture below of Alex is one Ed took with his camera which produces greater clarity. To be honest, Alex wasn't as excited about this first camera trip as Ed was, but he hasn't been eager to do much lately anyway. To convince him to give the experience a try, I emphasized that he was going to the park, which is one of his favorite places. He may have been surprised when he got there that there were no basketball hoops or baseball fields, as there are at the parks he normally visits. Nonetheless, he seemed to enjoy walking on the path around the flower-filled gardens and wooded areas.

Hopefully as he takes more pictures, Alex will give us a glimpse into his perspective on the world and allow us to see things as he does.

"For a man's ways are in full view of the Lord, and He examines all his paths." Proverbs 5:21

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